Bali nature, our weekend playground
Never overly serious
Coccooned in greenery
A solar-powered basecamp
Just another day at the basecamp
Hands on and boots off
Bike to work? We'll reward you
Obsessing about 1 thing
Focused when we have to
Humans designing for humans
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Catalyze is rather unlike other communication agencies you may know. If you care about the Earth, then we're in the same fight.

Because when Catalyze was established in 2010 – first in a dusty Balinese shophouse – it was already clear that we would only work with people who share our commitment to turn around environmental destruction. Today, with a 30+ people team dispersed across several Indonesian islands, and clients hailing from Canada to Suva and Switzerland to Oman, that focus remains unchanged.

Our yardstick is our ability to fulfil our mission: inspire and influence people for the greener good. This is incredibly hard work.

A place for you?

We work hard and revel in living on the island of the Gods. You'll find us strapped to our laptops, but also biking down volcanoes or chilling by our pool sipping a coconut. We're not concerned about you clocking the hours – what counts is delivering on our mission, and enjoying the process.

Whether you are a designer or a coder, involved in operations or administration, the energy and dedication you bring to Catalyze will contribute to dealing with the problems we try to solve. In our shoe-free culture, we celebrate diversity and honesty. We emphasize memorable, usable and measurable work (our dogma) while maintaining a professional, genuine and courteous relationship with our colleagues and clients.

Living by our principles

At our basecamp in Bali (10 minutes from the beach!), we try to reduce our footprint. We produce our own solar power, most of our waste gets recycled and we filter our own drinking water. We also offer a stipend for our basecamp staff to get their own bicycle and use it.

We also help run PlastikDetox, a local campaign to get more small businesses in Bali to reduce plastic use. Anyone on our team is welcome to get involved. We can't think of a more important purpose to contribute to in this new millennium – we hope people who join us find it as rewarding as it is challenging.

Join us

Join the communications agency that obsesses about sustainability and embrace our shoe-free culture.

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Nothing excites us like an invitation to inspire & influence people about environmental conservation.

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