Myanmar is considered one of the last ''frontiers'' in conservation in Asia. But as the nation opens up, the risks to its nature are increasing. Having recently put some boots on the ground here, WWF wanted to demonstrate to donors how its' fledgling conservation efforts can help Myanmar grow sustainably. We brought that work to life in a bold annual report.

Context Myanmar, a natural treasure trove, is undergoing a dizzying transformation, politically, economically and socially. While these changes are ushering many people into prosperity, they are also affecting in drastic ways the country's ecosystems and species. WWF is trying to carve another path for the country, where both people and nature can thrive.

Approach WWF's brand is one of the most recognizable in the world. When the Myanmar office came to Catalyze to help them design their annual report, we were keen to take the brand's visual style into a new direction, but without undermining its integrity. The way we saw it, as a new addition to the WWF network, the Myanmar office deserved to get noticed, even if slightly iconoclastically.

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That meant making some new layout and design choices, while keeping the elements that make a WWF product immediately recognizable. The process was one of trial and error in collaboration with the WWF Myanmar communications team, as we tried to push the envelope design-wise while sticking to an aggressive deadline. The result is a bolder annual report that stands out compared to others in the WWF network.

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