Why is it important?
Food production requires land, water, labour, time, and the right climate.
of global freshwater supplies are withdrawn from rivers, lakes, and aquifers for irrigation (2703.4 km3/year)
of Earth's land surface* is used for agriculture (4.9 billion hectares)
*excluding Antarctica
Food production needs land, water, right season, labor, time, and care.
of Earth landmass has been used for agriculture (*excluding Antarctica) = 4,921,000,000 hectares area
withdrawn from
rivers, lakes, and
aquifers for irrigation
= 2703.4 km3/year
wow! that's a lot of resources
just to make dinner
Food production contributes
of Global Greenhouse
Gas Emissions
These emissions come from:
That's a lot of emissions on our plate!
32% of all food
produced every year
is wasted
Despite all of the resources required to produce food, we are still wasting it. And every year, there are more mouths to feed.
7.3 billion
people to feed
9.7 billion
people to feed
...so food waste will become an even bigger problem.
Imagine how much will be produced (and subsequently wasted) to meet our future food needs if we don't change.
What's the harm?
For People
Contaminated water,
land erosion, and
loss of key species
For Wildlife

Loss of their natural home
by farmland conversion,
localized extinction of
wildlife such as bees due
to insecticides and
loss of habitat

For the Environment
Emissions, which contribute to
climate change and affect
local climates
What can we do?